Sephira Executive

“Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society – its worldview, its basic values, political structure, its arts, its key institutions – rearranges itself. Fifty years later, there is a new world…We are currently living through such a transformation. ” – Peter Drucker

Sephira Executive is a global strategic advisory and transformative thinking firm based in Auckland, New Zealand led by Jon Winder and Diane Hendrickson Winder*.

We are seasoned business and transformation specialists committed to a more sustainable world. Established in 1995 in the U.S., and merging with Mindscapes International (New Zealand) in 2002, we have worked in partnership with a diverse constellation of leaders ready to experience new, more sustaining, ways of leading change within organizations, communities and the wider world. 

Sephira Executive offers innovative services that provide powerful, yet simple approaches to authentic and conscious leadership, cultural change and organizational success. Our leading-edge processes and practices equip you to develop or improve the human side of enterprise enabling businesses to move from good to outstanding.

Our intention is to support businesses and leaders to lead in a way that encompasses profits and principles that improve the quality of life for current and future generations.  Studies have shown that lasting and powerful results are achieved when people are able to liberate their inherent greatness. Strong connections can then be made between professional and personal aspirations, the company’s mission and goals, and a greater mission of making a difference in their organizations and the world.

For decades, we have been privileged to work with most kinds of organizations across many industry sectors and with hundreds of leaders and visionary thinkers on the leading edge of transformational change.

* Diane Hendrickson Winder is Co-founder, Consultant and Director of the Sephira Institute. Born in America, Diane has been living in New Zealand since 2002. For many decades, she has been involved in participatory and transformational change, and expanding human potential with leaders and organizations around the world. Previously, she was founder and director of Hendrickson Consulting Group Inc., a knowledge management consulting firm for organizations in the bioscience, medical and technology sectors, including Fortune 500 companies.  Her focus at the Sephira Institute encompasses the new science, sustainability, social technology and spiritual development. Diane consults with organizations and leaders, delivers workshops, lectures and seminars, and writes on relevant topics for leaders during these transitionary times. Click here for more information.

Sephira Executive – A Branch of the Sephira Institute 
Sephira Executive is our business-oriented branch of the Sephira Institute, our parent organization. Sephira’s initiatives contribute to transforming the way we lead, learn and live through profound innovations for a more sustainable world. Our key streams of work involve authentic, conscious and ethical approaches to leadership; expanded methods of learning; and integrated ways to restore balance and well-being in our personal, organizational, community and global spheres.

Please contact us for more information: or +64 (09) 427 5823.


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